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by Jacob Medley, Student Sports Reporter

Team 1

Family Over Everything is this seasons motto, and it wasn’t devised by Coach JR Hammond; the team came up with it, and it’s really working for them. This season, the ALC men’s basketball team is returning their entire squad from last year.

The Eagles are being led by 5 seniors, Tyler Rogers, Cody Stumbo, Trevor Combs, Jordan Akins, and Zac’ Crawford, so they have a lot of experience going into this season. On top of their experience the Eagles are looking at key returning underclassmen such as Trevor Tiller, Dakota Hall, Austin Crisp, Dondre Warren, and newcomers Shane Hall and Braxton Blair, both from Johnson Central. Shane Hall was a Division 1 prospect, but decided on Alice Lloyd because it’s close to home. Blair set the all-time leading assist record this past season, and was a key player for Johnson Central. The two could see a lot of playing time this season. 

Coach Hammond believes that there isn’t a team as deep as the Eagles are this year, which is going to be the key in the post season. Coach Hammond plans to play 10-12 players each game, and he doesn’t expect other teams to be able to keep up. The 2015-2016 season is shaping up to be an exciting one!