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by The Student Sports Staff 

John Driskill

John Driskill

The Alice Lloyd men and women’s cross country teams lined up to race a 5k at Lykins Park in Winchester, Kentucky on the evening of October 20th. The course layout consisted of a lot of long slow hills. At the conclusion of the day, the men took home the second place trophy. The women didn’t run as a full team, so they weren’t able to compete for a team spot.     

Jacob Medley was the first Eagle to cross the finish line, and had this to say, “The goal was to run as easy as I could, but still stay competitive. The pace went out hard, so I backed off after the first mile. I wanted to be ready to run hard come Friday. I’m very happy with a 5th place finish.”     

Teammate John Driskill came in behind Medley and had this to say about the race, “I’m really confident about how tonight went. I finished 6th, and wasn’t running very hard at all. It’s nice to come out, take it easy, and then finish in the top 10. The whole team ran conservative, and I think it’s going to pay off on Friday. I’m really excited about the upcoming race.”        

Shiloh Jekel was the first Lady Eagle to cross the finish line, and the fifth overall female finisher in the race while Brittany Buttery was the second finisher on the women’s team, and was the seventh overall finisher. 

Buttery commented, “I didn’t feel my best tonight. I felt a lot of discomfort in my chest. I’m not sure what it was, but I’m glad that I finished the race. I’m excited to race again this Friday.”

Race results: 

Men: Medley 20:0, Driskill, 20:29, Stidham 21:44, Templeton 22:28, Mills 22:51, Moore 24:15

Women: Jekel 24:37, Buttery 25:41