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Alice Lloyd College would like to congratulate the following students for earning a high level of academic distinction during the Spring 2015 semester.

An honor student at Alice Lloyd College applies to a student who has completed 15 or more semester hours in a given semester and has earned a 3.250-3.749 grade point average – “Dean’s List,” a 3.750-3.999 grade point average – “Dean’s Distinguished List,” or a 4.00 GPA – “President’s List.” (Exceptions to the number of credit hours are allowed during the semester a student is student teaching when 12 hours constitute a normal full-time load.)

President’s List

The following students have been named to the President’s List for achieving a 4.0 grade point average (based on a 4.0 scale):

Whitley Taylor Albury of West Liberty, KY

Austin Hunter Allen of Grayson, KY

Mack Douglas Asher of Oneida, KY

Matthew Dwayne Asher of Hindman, KY

Maegyn Danielle Bates of Whitesburg, KY

Shayla Rachelle Brinegar of Irvine, KY

Chelsea Morgan Brown of Frankfort, KY

Tabitha Cesefkse of Jackson, KY

Kayla Michelle Colwell of Hazard, KY

Kimberly Denise Cook of Red Jacket, WV

Riccardo Paolo D’Amato of Whitesburg, KY

Kristyn Danielle Densmore of Jeffersonville, KY

Ashley Dixon of Hallie, KY

Austin Ryan Estridge of Mc Kee, KY

Kimberly Ann Grubb of Wytheville, VA

Victoria Shayne Hammonds of Prestonsburg, KY

Kyler Gator Hazelett of Hager Hill, KY

Allison Claire Holbrook of Hyden, KY

Olivia Hubbard of Manchester, KY

Jakolby Huff of Pippa Passes, KY

Kelsie Rae Jacobs of Hindman, KY

Shiloh Ann Jekel of Hazard, KY

Callie Kiser of Georgetown, KY

Hailey Shantelle Kuracka of Whitesburg, KY

Elizabeth Hannah Langlois of Cross Lanes, WV

Kelsey Nicole Logdon of Frankfort, KY

Katie Elizabeth McFarland of Church Hill, TN

Makayla Kennedy McNew of Keavy, KY

Hayley Lynn Mills of Blaine, TN

Savannah Jayde Minor of Garrett, KY

Clay Lucas Montgomery of London, KY

Leeza Paige Mullins Dorton, KY

Brittany LeAnn Newsome of Harold, KY

Maddison Nicole Niece of Hazard, KY

Alexa Lizette Ortiz of Joliet, IL

Desiree Ratliff of Pilgrims Knob, VA

Rachel Danielle Rice of Mallie, KY

Jason Kyle Richie of Hazard, KY

Hollie Taina Marie Saylor of Corbin, KY

Gabrielle Mariah Schwartz of Mesopotamia, OH

Angela DeRae Shepherd of Cornettsville, KY

Nicholas Hunter Short of Viper, KY

Avery Blake Shrum of Amburgey, KY

Jacob Hunter Sifers of Elkhorn City, KY

Alyn Jabe Smith of London, KY

Kelcie Logan Smith of Manchester, KY

Mark Jarrod Stamper of Whitesburg, KY

Alexander Clifton James Suffridge of Combs, KY

Weston Alexander Taylor of Pikeville, KY

Kayla Thacker of Leburn, KY

Alicia BriAnne Thompson of Hindman, KY

Katie Lee Woodburn of Hilton, VA

Dean’s Distinguished

Students named to the Dean’s Distinguished List for achieving a grade point average of 3.75-3.99 are:

Elizabeth Bentley of Pippa Passes, KY

Victoria Paige Boggs of Greenup, KY

Chelsea Ann Burke of Virgie, KY

Justin Gregory Cathers of London, KY

Kylie S. Clay of Chapmanville, WV

Emily Anne Clonce of London, KY

Tara Lynn Combs of Hazard, KY

Zachary Emmanuel Crawford of Church Hill, TN

John Mark Driskill of Jackson, KY

Keniston Drake Grizzell of Ashton, WV

Ian Tyler Hall of Raven, KY

Matthew Tyler Huffman of Alkol, WV

Joshua Ray Johnson of Mousie, KY

Brittany Pearl Lyons of Louisa, KY

Zachary Andrew Marcum of London, KY

Kaelyn Sierra Martin of Hazard, KY

Brooklyn Dawn McCall of Isom, KY

Brittni Danielle McCoy of Prestonsburg, KY

Stephanie Julia Moore of McAurthur, OH

Donna June Nierengarten of Middlesboro, KY

Brianna Faith Osborne of Pound, VA

Gregory Robert Randolph of London, KY

Holly Cherie Slemp of Stanton, KY

Matthew Scott Thompson of Hindman, KY

Olivia Brooke Tyree of Neon, KY

Stephanie Leighann Williams of Oil Springs, KY


Dean’s List

Named to the Dean’s List for achieving a grade point average of 3.25-3.74 are:

David Seth Adams of Redfox, KY

Kaitlyn Elise Adkins of Manchester, KY

Mark Jordan Akins of Williamsburg, KY

Jonathan Carlos Aldana of Ransom, KY

Tiffany Paige Amburgey of Vicco, KY

Lauren Taylor Baker of Hazard, KY

Deavin Breanna Bentley of Littcarr, KY

Lydia Renee Bickham of Winchester, KY

Kateland Michael Blevins of Hager Hill, KY

Dakota Christian Boggs of London, KY

Cheryl Ashleigh Bolduc of Clay City, KY

Michael Preston Bradley of Hillsboro, OH

Emerson Keith Branham of Freeburn, KY

Kyli Lynn Breeding of Whitesburg, KY

Kristin Cheyenne Burge of Wooten, KY

Katie Rose Burks of Frenchburg, KY

Ryan McNeil Burrow of Kingsport, TN

Kennedi Autumn Grace Caldwell of Helton, KY

Kaitlin Denee Calhoun of Leburn, KY

Kristen Rose Campbell of Hardy, KY

Jessica Megan Marie Collins of Hazard, KY

Jacquelyn A. Crawford of Church Hill, TN

Mark Douglas Crawford of London, KY

Brittany Ann Dalton of Lovely, KY

Courtney Nicole Day of Wooton, KY

Christopher Bryan Dudley of Ashland, KY

Sarah Katelyn Gambill of Hazard, KY

Daisha Ann Gauze of Inez, KY

Daina Merea Gilbert of Barbourville, KY

Lindsey Brooke Gilbert of Hyden, KY

Mary Elizabeth Goins of Hazard, KY

Shantel LaChe Gonzales of Hazard, KY

Destiny Lashae Gross of Yeaddiss, KY

Ian McKinzie Hall of Emmalena, KY

Kiana Shanice Hall of Bypro, KY

Tami Sierra Hall of Jenkins, KY

Jamison Tyler Harmon of Prestonsburg, KY

Tyler Scott Hayes of Pine Ridge, KY

Kristina Ruby-Louise Helton of London, KY

Darrell Mackenzie Hicks of London, KY

Courtney Breann Hodge of Garrett, KY

Makayla Rae Hubbard of Manchester, KY

Christen Noel Hurt of Hazard, KY

Katelin Faye Hylton of Webbville, KY

Mary Ann Isaac of Fort Gay, WV

Noble Joe Johnson of Jackhorn, KY

Megan Leigh Ann Jones of Staffordsville, KY

Matthew Blake Lawson of Mayking, KY

Joseph Brian Little of Inez, KY

Caleb Mark Lowe of Canada, KY

Alexander Keith Madden of Whitesburg, KY

Zachary Tyler McGeorge of Manchester, KY

Samra Ann McKown of Millersport, OH

Devon Richard Mills of Flat Lick, KY

Tailor Danielle Morgan of Rutledge, TN

Brooklyn Shyan Morris of Hazard, KY

Jeremy Brent Ousley of Prestonsburg, KY

Victoria Renee Nairn of Prestonsburg, KY

Tonya Renee Perry of Rogers, KY

Jessica Brooke Reed of Greenup, KY

Amber LaRay Reynolds of Olive Hill, KY

Samantha Morià Reynolds of Hindman, KY

Savannah Faye Reynolds of Millstone, KY

James Tyler Rogers of Lexington, KY

Mason Ross Salyers of Whitesburg, KY

Cameron Brody Shepherd of Wallins, KY

Hayley Morgan Short of Hindman, KY

Niki Sizemore of Hazard, KY

Savannah Jordan Sizemore of Hyden, KY

Brittany Racine Smith of Belfry, KY

Cody Wayne Smith of Manchester, KY

Cynthia Denise Taylor of Busy, KY

Austin Lane Thompson of London, KY

Jessica DeShae Thompson of Hindman, KY

Allyson Faith Thornsberry of Louisa. KY

Daniel Keith Tussey of Gunlock, KY

Maggie Ann Wilkes of Pippa Passes, KY

Caitlin Alexis Woody of Happy, KY

Sarah Beth Woolridge of Rogersville, TN

Jacob Charles Richard Woolwine of South Charleston, WV

Sarah Beth Wooton of Mayking, KY

Courtney Thelma Yates of Mavisdale, VA

Congratulations to all of these students for their outstanding efforts this semester!