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By Adele Williams, Student Contributor 

IMG_1608Alice Lloyd College has been recognized under “20 Great Small Colleges for a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management.” In order to even be considered, colleges must offer a bachelor’s degree in sports management, have a student population of less than three thousand, and be a public, private non-profit, or 4 year school.

Twenty finalists were chosen based on the selectiveness of the schools as indicated by the percent of students admitted. The finalists were then arranged in ascending order by the freshmen retention rate. Alice Lloyd College placed fourteenth out of the twenty finalists.

Alice Lloyd College takes pride in having challenging and stimulating academic programs. The Sports and Fitness Programs Management major offers students insight into the creation and administration of programs in community recreation, information about state/city parks, camps, resorts, and corporate fitness programs, as well as knowledge regarding youth service organizations and church programs.

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