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by Kolby Huff, Senior/Mathematics Education (Grades 8-12) major

Kolby Huff

Kolby Huff

Being a native of Pippa Passes, I grew up on the campus of Alice Lloyd College. I attended The June Buchanan School, which is a private college preparatory school for grades K-12 located on ALC’s campus, for seven years. While attending school there, I became even more familiar with the College. Additionally, my grandfather has worked on the ALC campus for 53 years. I knew it would make him proud for me to choose to stay close to home while receiving my education.

In 2012, I graduated from The June Buchanan School with 29 college credit hours, which I earned from Alice Lloyd College through the Caney Honors Achievement Program (CHAP). There were only twelve students in my graduating class, and I found that I preferred smaller class sizes. This is one of the reasons why I chose to attend ALC. Smaller classes make it easier to learn the information and to focus on the tasks at hand.

I plan to graduate with a degree in Mathematics Education (Grades 8-12), along with a certification in Middle School mathematics and K-12 Special Education. Throughout my high school career, I was certain I would find myself attending a school that’s very similar to ALC located in Central Kentucky. I had been accepted to this college with honors, awarded scholarships, and had even enrolled in classes there. However, I knew in the back of my mind that pursuing my degree at that particular institution wasn’t in God’s plan for me.

Money, of course, was a determining factor in my college choice, too. My mom, a single parent, works long, difficult hours as a Hospice Nurse to support me and my two brothers. When learning of the scholarships and opportunities that Alice Lloyd College had to offer, I decided it was the right college for me. Here at ALC I have been able to complete four semesters without taking out any student loans! What a blessing that has been for my family! What’s even more amazing is that I’m planning to graduate from ALC completely debt-free, which is something so rare that it is very nearly unheard of at other colleges and universities.

In my time here, I have excelled as both a student and as an individual. I have managed to maintain a great GPA, which has placed me on the Dean’s List every semester. In addition to this, I am president of the Kentucky Education Association – Student Program, vice president of Student Affairs in the Student Government Association (SGA), and an active member of Phi Beta Lambda. ALC offers plenty of student activities, clubs, and organizations for everyone to enjoy, and you are able to join as many as you want.  

Alice Lloyd College has given me the college experience that any student could hope for. Being familiar with the campus and its people made it much easier for me to transition from being a high school student to a college student. The small classroom setting has made it easier and more convenient for me and my peers to not only learn the information, but to be able to apply the information we have learned to real world situations. This, along with the socialization we receive in various clubs and sports, ensures that we will be more prepared for our future occupations.

Aside from academically preparing us for our futures, ALC also makes sure to send us out into the world with little to no debt by offering a high-quality education at a low price. I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given while at Alice Lloyd College, and encourage high school students looking for their next step to visit ALC. It was in God’s plan for me, and it may be for you, too!

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