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by Jesse Riffe, Junior/Biology Major

Jesse Riffe

Jesse Riffe

I want to thank you for your donation to Alice Lloyd College, because without it, I would most certainly not be in the wonderful position that I am in now. I come from Ashland, KY, a small town in northeast Kentucky. My graduating high school class, for example, had a total of fifty-three students. When I was in the process of selecting the right college for me, Alice Lloyd stood out because of its size, but, even more so, due to its tuition guarantee. My family could not support me through college, so the cost of my education was a major factor for me deciding to attend Alice Lloyd.

While the gift of free tuition convinced me to come to Alice Lloyd, I have been given so much more since I have been here on campus. I have been given so many opportunities, more than I ever thought would be possible here in tiny Pippa Passes. The College has given me the chance to not only get my degree, but to gain valuable work experience. I have had many work-study jobs here on campus. I started out as a janitor in the Anderson Science Center before being given a job at Alice Lloyd’s on-campus radio station, Eagle Radio 91.7 FM. I worked in the radio station for two semesters, becoming the first student to broadcast a sporting event on campus in several years.

While working at the radio station, I decided to apply to be a Resident Advisor for extra work-study hours. I made this decision, because I needed to make more money in order to lessen the amount of my federal student loans. I didn’t mind the extra work, though, because being a Resident Advisor gave me an opportunity to lead. I love to lead, and I want people to look to me when they are in need. All through high school I was always team captain of the basketball team, the track team, the academic team, and I even served as class president. So, the role of Resident Advisor came naturally to me.

Then, after putting in a lot of work for two semesters at the radio station, I was able to apply for student supervisor, which meant that I would be overseeing all of the other students who worked at Eagle radio. I got the job, which I held for a long time before becoming the assistant coach of our men’s basketball team. This new leadership role is one that I very much enjoy, and I’m looking forward to helping out more and more with the team during the 2014-15 season.

Alice Lloyd has done so much more for me than I ever expected. It has provided me with more than just an education and a roof over my head; it has become a home for me. I have been given the chance to stay at the school through the summers so that I can continue to work on campus in the College’s summer work program. For more than two years, ALC has been my home, my source of income, and the people here have become like family to me.

Jesse Riffe 2
Due to all of the valuable work experience I have gained at Alice Lloyd, I have been able to secure part-time jobs off-campus. From a tip and recommendation from the College’s Career Services Department, I was hired to broadcast football, basketball, and volleyball games for TVS-24, a local TV station here in nearby Hindman, KY. Also, I’ve currently been doing a lot of work for WYMT-TV, a CBS-affiliated news station in Hazard, KY, where I work in newscast production.

I am so thankful that there are people like you in this world who are compelled to give to good causes like the one here at Alice Lloyd College. If it wasn’t for you, I would have never been able to achieve these many dreams of mine. Getting a good education, becoming a sports broadcaster, coaching organized sports, and living on my own and supporting myself are all things that you and Alice Lloyd College have made possible for me.

Thank you so much!

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