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by Adele Williams, Student Newswriter

Work Awards
PIPPA PASSES, Ky. — Alice Lloyd College held its annual Student Work Awards and Olympics on Thursday, April 18th. During this assembly, one student worker from each department and area is awarded for their hard work, perseverance, and dedication to their work-study position.

President Joe Alan Stepp addressed the crowd, telling them a story about a young girl who used to attend Alice Lloyd College. She hated her work-study job so much that, after fighting to have it changed unsuccessfully, she set her mind on transferring to a new school. However, after speaking to her mother, she came back one day with a new realization: if she failed to complete her college degree, she would have to hold a job much like the one she hated for the rest of her life. From then on, she worked hard at her work-study job and did it well. She graduated with her degree from Alice Lloyd, with little to no debt, and went on to achieve great things in her life. The story was just one more example of learn the extraordinary opportunity offered to Alice Lloyd students to earn their education through the College’s Student Work Program.

After the ceremony, students gathered in the meadow to compete with their work-study teams against each other in the Student Work Olympics.

Alice Lloyd College is extremely proud of its students and thankful for the hard work they put into their work-study assignments.

Below is a list of all of the day’s honorees.

Student Work Awards

Cody Jacobs AwardMaricka Morgan

Academic AssistantBradley Simpson and Jeremy Ousley

Administrative AssistantChina Riddle and Kajen Owsley

AdmissionsMegan Smith

ASC JanitorLindsey Remington

CAC TechCorey Paige

Carrick Dorm JanitorRachel Bentley

REA JanitorWallace Coburn

Commodore JanitorMakayla Williamson

Lilly Dorm JanitorShantel Gonzales

Computer LabKohl Tarlton

Craft ShopJamie Ginter

Cushing Hall JanitorDavid Cavins

DaycareLauren Baker

DSC JanitorOlivia Hubbard

Female R.A.Amelia Johnson

GNAC JanitorKelsie Smith

Miss Irma’s CaféAshley Niece

Intramurals Jake Bales

Maintenance Leela Thomas

Marketing and CommunicationsJennifer Hall

Men’s Dorm JanitorPaolo D’Amato

LibraryMcKay Prater

JBAC JanitorDonna Nierengarten

GroundsBrian Hicks

Student LoungeChelsea Newsome

Student Work OfficeDakota Lewis

Guest House JanitorMegan Williams

Hunger DinAndrew Howe

Male R.A.Chris Radcliffe

Weight RoomHeather Sizemore

Senior Work AwardsAsheton Dunaway, Alisha Gross, Jennifer Holland, Ashley Howard, Ron Howard, Matt Moorefield, Natalie Morris, and Katie Smith

Student SupervisorAlex Kennedy, James Mullins, and Kayla Taylor

Student Worker of the YearRonnie Cook


The victorious Grounds Crew.

Winners of the Student Work Olympic Events

Egg Toss – “The Fashion Police,” representing Student Services

Three-Legged Race“The Fashion Police,” representing Student Services

Tug of WarGrounds Crew (“The Elite Four”)

VolleyballGrounds Crew

Hula HopDay Care