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by Tawny Aguayo, Student Contributor

Han Gia Ly

Han Gia Ly

Han Gia Ly, senior biology major at Alice Lloyd College, recently won third place in the 99th Annual Kentucky Academy of Science research competition for her presentation on botany research. Held on November 8-9, 2013 at Morehead State University, the prestigious meeting was attended by nearly 800 scientists, professors, and students from colleges all across the state.

For over a century, the Kentucky Academy of Science has hosted this annual meeting to provide scientists, student and professional, the opportunity to present their findings to their colleagues.

Ly’s presentation, titled “The Effect of Nutrition Levels on Fern Gametophyte Success,” was the product of many hours of experimentation lasting from spring to fall of 2013. The project stemmed from ALC professor Dr. Robert Hamilton’s prior studies of Ceratopteris richardii, a type of aquatic fern.

When asked how her interest in research began, Ly credited and thanked Dr. Hamilton for his guidance and expertise. 

“My freshman year, I participated in a DNA sequencing project with Dr. Hamilton,” said Ly.  “It was a very good start, and Dr. Hamilton was very patient in helping me practice my lab skills.”

Ly plans to continue her education after graduating from Alice Lloyd College by pursing a doctorate in the fields of microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics. Her future goal is to help find treatment for infectious diseases, such as cancer viruses, through research in medical microbiology.