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Director Megan Burnett is pleased to unveil the cast list for Eagle Theatre’s upcoming spring production, Censored on Final Approach.


Spring Play Cast List

Private First Class Donald Foster — Jackson Driskill
Catherine Watts — Candace Hughes
Elizabeth Langley — Amelia Johnson
Gerry Hansen — Dakota Lewis
Mary O’Connor — Christi Rose
Jacqueline Cochran — Sarrah Huber
Major John Stephenson — Bryce Sergent
Lieutenant Paul Ryder — Austin Ison
Wayne Langhorn — Joshua Green
The Control Tower Operator — Katie McFarland
The Serviceman — Clayton Osborne
Artillery Officer — Mack Asher
Artillery Trainee — Darren Newell
Pilot — Clayton Osborne

Stage Manager — Amber Wilson
Musician/Drummer — Braxton Burke

Technical Crew/Possible Tech Positions:
Assistant Director/Asst. Stage Manager — Jennifer Lewis
Design Crew — Kristen Haney, Kala Jarrell
Crew — Theatre 460-463 Students

Censored on Final Approach, a play by Phylis Ravel, journeys into a time and place often left out of history books. Set during World War II, the play shines a spotlight on a select number of female pilots who were selected to serve as WASPs, Women Air Service Pilots. They were not embraced by their male counterparts and struggled for acceptance daily. After the war, four WASPs meet to reminisce about their challenges and successes. The conversation soon shifts to a redacted report about a fellow pilot who was killed while trying to land her aircraft. What really happened? Someone knows the truth.

“Many thanks go out to all who auditioned and who have signed up to work on the ALC Spring Play,” said Burnett. “I look forward to working with all of you.”

She added, “If you are interested in working on the production, you can still sign up!”

To find out how you can support this production, please contact Megan Burnett at (606) 368-6050 or via e-mail at