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by Adele Williams, Student Contributor

Page 3 - JBS Food Drive 2The June Buchanan School went out of their way this year during the Fall Festival to raise awareness and proceeds for the Corner Haven Crisis Center and The Women’s Shelter of Hazard, Kentucky. The entire school worked together for the benefit of the community, and in turn, raised about 4,000 cans through a PTO-sponsored Food Drive.

The Corner Haven Crisis Center is an emergency shelter for Perry County residents who are experiencing homelessness. Recently, the shelter has been suffering from a loss of donations and funds, which has forced them to turn away some of those in need. Without the support of the community, the shelter is in danger of closing.

Lena Bakun, PTO president, says, “Being a graduate of The June Buchanan School, it is important to me to pass on the tradition of service to others and giving and reaching limits above what we think we could ever imagine.”

Students at JBS did exactly that by collecting 1,500 cans of food over their initial goal of 2,500. This means that with an average of $0.75 per can, they donated over $3,000.

The students continued their efforts by joining preacher Dan Snow in prayer. Over 200 people united in a circle around the food donations to pray for the individuals that the shelters support and for the facilities themselves. 

Amanda Clark, dean of the June Buchanan School, stated, “It was simply amazing! God blessed our fundraiser. I honestly wasn’t sure if we could reach our goal, but He knew all along that we would surpass it. It was truly a humbling experience. It is always such a blessing to give back to others. It is especially important for us to instill this in the next generation.”

The June Buchanan School works hard to imbed the spirit of community service in the students’ lives, requiring each high school student to obtain a minimum of 10 hours of community service each semester. JBS alumna Maegyn Bates proudly says, “During my time at JBS, I truly learned the meaning of giving back to my community. Not only does it improve your social surroundings, but it leaves you with a sense of true altruism and inspires you to do even more for those around you. I am so thankful to JBS for teaching me to appreciate all that I have, and I know that the students who donated to the shelters will forever remember all the good that can come from selfless giving.”