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by Hannah Radosevich, Student Contributor

Enterprise DayOn Friday, November 15th, Alice Lloyd College will be recognizing American Enterprise Day by bringing Larry Parke and Todd Duff into some of the classes to discuss free enterprise.

Todd Duff, an ALC alumnus, started LowGap Outfitters about ten years ago. Duff, highly knowledgeable about hunting and fishing areas in Kentucky, took the opportunity to make a business out of his life’s passion.

“The classes I took to finish my biology degree have been invaluable to me, because I know so much about nature,” Duff said in a recent interview. “I can scout better due to the fact that I understand the habitat and environment of the animals I am hunting. Also, I know the anatomy of these animals and other useful information.”

Larry Parke is an entrepreneur who has started several businesses, including laundromats, a packaging and shipping store, and a snack food business. He also worked at Hazard Community College where he assisted in workforce and community development and taught small business classes.

Halie Smith, an instructor of business classes at Alice Lloyd and the College’s Director of the Appalachian Entrepreneurial Development Program, said, “American Enterprise Day celebrates our privilege to choose any career we desire. It recognizes that almost all jobs are created because someone took a chance on starting their own business or putting their idea into action.”