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by Meagen Arrowood, Senior/Mathematics Education Grades 8-12 major

MeagenMy name is Meagen Arrowood. I am from Letcher County, Kentucky. I’m currently a senior at Alice Lloyd College. I transferred to Alice Lloyd the second semester of my freshman year. Upon my arrival at the College, I was quickly welcomed by a group of faculty and staff that made my transition as seamless as possible.

Coming from a much larger college, I quickly fell in love with the quaint and small campus in Pippa Passes. There is a home-like atmosphere that hovers over Purpose Road, warming the hearts of all who pass through. For me personally, a smaller campus gave me the opportunity to get to know my fellow students and form great friendships.

I am enrolled in the Teacher Education Program at ALC, majoring in Mathematics Education Grades 8-12. The Education program is a rigorous and well-known program within the Appalachian region. I am confident that my education at Alice Lloyd will more than prepare me for a career in teaching.

Alice Lloyd is credited as being one of the few colleges in America offering the unique Student Work Program. Due to this program, my college tuition is covered with no additional out-of-pocket tuition costs. In the work program, all ALC students are assigned a job on campus. I currently hold the position of the Work Head at Carrick Dorm. My job on campus has taught me important and valuable lessons that will benefit me greatly. I have gained experience that cannot be taught in any classroom, forged only by the hands-on experience that an ALC education provides.

I more than love campus life here at Alice Lloyd College! As a Christian, I feel that going to a college that promotes Christian values and maintains a philosophy based upon the Christian faith has only strengthened my faith in God. I love the structured campus setting, as well as the social code that is expected of all ALC students. I feel as though these rules strengthen and improve students while also helping to maintain the calm atmosphere of the campus.

Life on Purpose Road indeed plants a purpose within the hearts of students. That purpose is then nurtured and cultivated, creating a unique and driven set of individuals. My time in Pippa Passes has only strengthened my character, improved my capabilities, and taught me the importance of service. These three ALC dispositions form a solid foundation for students to build upon as they leave Caney Creek and embark on personal dreams, aspirations, careers, and life.

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