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by Hannah Radosevich, Senior/English major

Hannah Radosevich

Hannah Radosevich

I found Alice Lloyd College by accident. I knew I was moving to eastern Kentucky and that I wanted to transfer to a good college in order to finish my bachelor’s degree. Knowing that my family would be living in Letcher County, I wanted to find an affordable college close to my new home. I googled schools in eastern Kentucky and scrolled through the list until I came upon Alice Lloyd. That is where it all began.

I researched ALC and found that it fit everything I wanted in a college: affordable, education-oriented, and committed to helping me reach my goal of getting my degree. To find all three of those characteristics in one place is a true rarity. Out of all of the things I love about Alice Lloyd College, my favorite is the English department. The department is small, but the professors are great and very helpful! I came into ALC without knowing anyone, but with the small class sizes, I got to know the students and the professors quickly. The English professors teach us a variety of literature that they enjoy, giving students a diverse knowledge of literature, and they help us discover our own passions. In class, we are given the opportunity to voice our opinions and discuss literature, which I love to do.

By far, my favorite job has been working in the Office of Marketing & Communications. I have been tasked with writing and editing articles, which is providing me with a lot of work experience, as well as giving me first-hand knowledge about the importance of public relations and marketing to ALC and the business world.

I have always had a love for reading, but I did not think I wanted to teach. The job market was bad for teachers, and I did not really want to teach kids of the same age all day long. While working on my associate’s degree (prior to coming to ALC), I had an amazing English professor. He changed my perspective on what teaching is really about. He showed me how I could combine my love of books and reading with teaching. I realized that there is a way to make literature exciting by loving it yourself, adding personality, and being passionate about what you teach. Learning to read is a privilege, and getting to teach people to use it, love it, and understand it is something I know I want to do with my life. At Alice Lloyd, I am receiving all of the tools I need to do just that.

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