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by Hannah Radosevich, Student Contributor


Dr. Greene with students in ALC’s greenhouse

PIPPA PASSES, Ky. — College administrators at Alice Lloyd College are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a $3,000 grant from the Work Colleges Consortium. The grant, which will fund a greenhouse project on the College’s campus, was given to Dr. Patrick Greene, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics at Alice Lloyd, who successfully proposed the venture as “Growing Our Own Plants for Campus Landscaping: A Work-Learning Pilot Project.” This project will allow students to begin or expand their knowledge of plants year-round in Alice Lloyd’s greenhouse.

The College’s greenhouse, located on the fourth floor of the Andersen Science Center, has gone mostly unused, a fact that inspired Dr. Greene to fill it with plants and thus provide the college campus with spring annuals and perennials. An opportunity to fund the project presented itself when the Work Colleges Consortium, which refers to the group of seven colleges in the nation deemed “work colleges,” announced a Faculty and Staff Grant Program. This program provides money to cover the costs of research and faculty salary. The goal is to encourage further study and a new learning environment for students.

Dr. Claude Crum, Alice Lloyd’s Academic Dean, stated, “We are excited about this grant, because it will allow student workers the chance to enjoy gardening and botany while paying for their education. This is a wonderful learning opportunity for these students.”

Currently, Dr. Greene has two work-study students, senior Emmanuel Joseph and freshman Kaylin Corns. Joseph and Corns work part-time for the professor and will spend the 2013 fall semester cleaning up the greenhouse.

“The three of us are taking an online master gardening course through Oregon State University,” Dr. Greene said. “This will be a good starting point before planting the perennials in the spring.”

The grant will supply funding for the project throughout the 2013-14 school year. When the grant has expired, Dr. Greene hopes that the greenhouse project will be carried on by the Alice Lloyd College grounds crew.