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by Maegyn Bates

I would like to tell you what a blessing Alice Lloyd College friends and supporters have been to my life.

I recently graduated from The June Buchanan School, the elementary and secondary school on the ALC campus. I was very active in school. I was on the dance team and was in student government for three years, including being president. Every time grades were posted, I was on the Dean’s List, which meant I received all As. By receiving all As on every report card, I received the title of valedictorian of our graduating class. Also, being a student at June Buchanan allowed me to take some classes at Alice Lloyd; therefore, by the time I graduated, I had nine college hours already completed.

As you can tell, I was one busy girl; but, when it came to scholarships, I always applied for them, no matter what school they were from. I received a couple from different schools, neither of which was enough to cover all of the cost of tuition, room, and board. So, I had a major choice to make. Little did I know God was already ahead of me.

My dad has run a gravel truck company for 22 years. However, ever since the economy has taken a turn for the worse, my dad has been out of work. My mom is disabled. Therefore, we have been in financial hardship since about a month before I graduated high school. This played a huge factor in choosing the right school. The school I had planned to go to was going to cost, after my scholarships, $15,000 a year. Also, I plan on getting my Masters in Business Administration, which takes a minimum of five years. If you do the math, that’s over $75,000 just for school! That doesn’t include the cost for books, gas money to come home, or anything. I soon realized I couldn’t afford it.

Then, Angie Phipps, Director of Admissions, started talking to me about Alice Lloyd. I said to myself, “I don’t know. I have already been there for four years. Why do I want to do the same thing for another four years?” She was very supportive of any decision I made. I called her up one night confused on where to attend, and she talked to me for hours. She told me about the tuition guarantee, and that I wouldn’t have to pay a dime for tuition because of work-study and awesome donors who give to support students like me. Therefore, I decided that Alice Lloyd was the best choice for me.

I’m so glad that I chose Alice Lloyd. When I graduate, I will have little to no debt, which is great, especially since I plan to attend graduate school.

The work-study program is wonderful! The program helps students work on their work ethics. Also, I have the opportunity to receive valuable experience with my chosen profession. For instance, my student work position is in the Marketing and Communication Department which will look great on any of my graduate school applications and future resumes.

I’m so thankful for the many friends who donate to help people like me who want to be leaders in the mountains.

Thank you!

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**Photo courtesy of Trey Narramore.