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by Natalie Gibson

The June Buchanan School’s Elementary Academic Team has had a wonderful season this year. In their second year back in competition after a long hiatus, the Crusaders managed to win their District championship and have a good showing at Regionals. The following results are for the entire season.

District Champions (Overall Points)

District Quick Recall Champions

District Future Problem Solving Champions

District Composition: 4th place—Alayna Slone; 5th place—Josh Pugh

District Science: 1st place—Max Miller; 2nd place—Dylan Moore; 4th place—Jon Kunkel

District Math: 1st place—Riele Holbrook; 5th place—Jon Kunkel

District Social Studies: 1st place—Elisabeth Stepp; 3rd place—Grant Stivers; 5th place—Dylan Moore

District Language Arts: 1st place—Riele Holbrook; 4th place—Morgan Kunkel

District Arts & Humanities: 1st place—Max Miller; 2nd place—Grant Stivers; 3rd place—Elisabeth Stepp

Regional Arts & Humanities: 5th place—Max Miller

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered to make this season a success!  Special thanks to Mrs. Cindy Hall and Ms. Natalie Gibson (co-coaches), Mrs. Deborah Holbrook and Mrs. Lisa Stepp (FPS coaches), Dr. Brad Moore, Mrs. Jennifer Stivers and the JBS PTO, Mrs. Tamara Kunkel, Mrs. Amanda Clark, Channing Everidge, Ian M. Hall, Hunter Hylton, Ruby Yeary, and Trey Moore. Our Academic Team is truly blessed with an amazing support system, and the success of our students is a direct result of the combined efforts of our gracious volunteers.