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by Natalie Gibson

The 56th District Governor’s Cup Competition was recently held at Letcher County Central, and The June Buchanan School performed extremely well. The past year has been a time of building for the Crusaders’ High School Academic Team, but their first year back at full-capacity has proven to be a good one so far. In a field of five teams, JBS claimed 3rd place in Quick Recall—no small feat for a team that has not participated in Quick Recall for the past three years. Individually, students excelled in multiple subject areas, and the team claimed 2nd place overall! Individual students advancing to Regional Competition will compete on Saturday, February 16, at Estill County High School.

Coach Cindy Hall said, “For our first year back in Quick Recall after a brief hiatus, this is a great accomplishment. Our students have worked hard to achieve these results!” Coach Natalie Gibson also commented, “I am so proud that we had multiple students place in individual testing!”

Pictured are Channing Everidge, Brandon Melton, and Ian T. Hall.

 The following students will be advancing in individual categories. Good luck at Regional Competition, Crusaders!

Composition: Channing Everidge (2nd place)

Social Studies:  Ian T. Hall (3rd place) and Brandon Melton (4th place)

Language Arts:  Ian T. Hall (1st place) and Asma Akther (5th place)

Arts & Humanities:  Channing Everidge (1st place), Brandon Melton (3rd place), and Asma Akther (5th place)