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by Hannah Radosevich, Student Contributor

Dr. Devorah Kennedy

Alice Lloyd College is excited to welcome a new Assistant Professor of Education, Dr. Devorah Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy is a graduate of Goucher College in Maryland with her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She later returned to college to receive her Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Early Childhood Education with a focus in Teaching and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Kennedy comes to ALC from the University of New Mexico where she has taught in the college of education since 2008. Before that, Dr. Kennedy worked as an early childhood educator in Kibbutz Usha, Israel. She has served on numerous committees in a variety of roles, including the Faculty Senate Ethics Committee and the Faculty Senate Library Committee at the University of New Mexico.

Her extensive list of publications and presentations includes an edited book titled The Child in the World, the World in the Child: Configuring the Modern Child. This book analyzes the way a child influences the world around them and how the world influences the child and what they believe. Dr. Kennedy is also a regular presenter at the American Educational Research Association annual meetings, and in 2008, she received a dissertation award presented by Critical Perspectives in Early Childhood Education.