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Alice Lloyd College would like to congratulate the following students for earning a high level of academic distinction during the Fall 2012 semester.

The following students have been named to the President’s List for achieving a 4.0 grade point average (based on a 4.0 scale):

Tawny Danielle Aguayo of Hindman, KY

Austin Hunter Allen of Grayson, KY

Maegyn Danielle Bates of Whitesburg, KY

Sarah Marie Bryant of Hazard, KY

Robert William Caldwell of Manchester, KY

Sarah Ann Caldwell of Melvin, KY

John Daniel Calhoun of Jenkins, KY

Amanda Faye Caudill of Viper, KY

Callie Jade Childers of Grayson, KY

Dustin Howard Collins of Whitesburg, KY

Kimberly Denise Cook of Newtown, WV

Colton Tyler Cornett of Blackey, KY

Ashley Leanne Daily of Hiltons, VA

Casey Lee Dalton of Nancy, KY

Jackson Marshall Driskill of Jackson, KY

Asheton Nicole Dunaway of Lexington, KY

Adam Wayne Estep of Viper, KY

Courtney Suzanne Goble of Louisa, KY

Aaron Blaine Green of Middlesboro, KY

Richard Brent Hall of Kite, KY

Sara Gabrielle Hall of Kite, KY

Lydia Combs Harris of Manchester, KY

Bridgett Leanne Hibbard of Manchester, KY

Trista Leshae Hibbitts of Hyden, KY

Allison Claire Holbrook of Hyden, KY

Kestin Jerome Howard of Mousie, KY

Katelin Faye Hylton of Webbville, KY

Katie Jo Kelley of Martha, KY

Kimberly Renae Kilgore of Blue River, KY

Kelsey Danielle Long of Pippa Passes, KY

Han Gia Ly of Auburn, KY

Rebecca Gail Martin of Mallie, KY

Katie Elizabeth McFarland of Church Hill, TN

Paul Brandon McGeorge of Manchester, KY

Savannah Jayde Minor of Garrett, KY

Matthew Tyler Mitchell of Manchester, KY

Stephanie Julia Moore of Hazard, KY

China Rae Riddle of Virgie, KY

Keith Daniel Ritchie of Bulan, KY

Kaitlin Mae Robinson of Pippa Passes, KY

McKenzie Hayden Smith of Whitesburg, KY

Kayla Brooke Stacy of Bonnyman, KY

Joseph David Stamper of St. Helens, KY

Eric Steven Terry of Stanton, KY

Ryan James Wells of Grove City, OH


Students named to the Dean’s Distinguished List for achieving a grade point average of 3.75-3.99 were:

Isaac Dalton Wilson of Gray, KY

Kayla Ann Gooslin of McCarr, KY

Victoria Danielle Halcomb of Pikeville, KY

Kajen Nicole Owsley from Carrie, KY

Allison Layne Combs of Ermine, KY

Nikki Leann McDaniel of Litt Carr, KY

Whitney Tevae Shell of Manchester, KY

Brittany Michelle Dobson of Danville, KY

Erin Elizabeth Enix of Pathfork, KY

Jessica Morgan Gamble of Salyersville, KY

James Michael Mullins of Inez, KY

Joshua S. Proffitt of Isom, KY

Samuel David Riddle of Louisa, KY

Breanna Lauren Goble of Paintsville, KY

Kiana Shanice Hall of Bypro, KY

Megan Leigh Ann Jones of Staffordsville, KY

Brittany LeAnn Newsome of Harold, KY

Savannah Faye Reynolds of Millstone, KY

Bradley Dale Simpson of Pineville, WV

Cortney Breann Stiltner of Genoa, WV

Clyde Walker Hamilton of Garrett, KY

Kate Elizabeth Bentley of Pippa Passes, KY

Shayla Rachelle Brinegar of Irvine, KY

Codi Daniel Collins of Appalachia, VA

Brittany Pearl Lyons of Louisa, KY

Ashley Ciera Neace of Gays Creek, KY

Tonya Renee Perry of Rogers, KY

Charis Joy Robinette of Hardy, KY

Kimberly Lynn Schroeder of Catlettsburg, KY

Kayla Reena Slone of Mousie, KY

Lacinda Rose Hack of Frankfort, KY

Holly Taina Mari Saylor of Corbin, KY

Michal E. Snyder of Beckley, WV

Kenneth Tyler Sizemore of Roark, KY

Lesley Ann Hatfield of Pennington Gap, VA

Kylie S. Clay of Chapmanville, WV

Austin Tyler Ison of Viper, KY

William Cody Johnson of Topmost, KY

Niki Nicole Smith of Manchester, KY

Mark Jarrod Stamper of Whitesburg, KY

Chelsea Morgan Brown of Frankfort, KY

Rebecca Jane Miller of Pinetop, KY

Connor Daniel Owens of Garrison, KY

William Jamie Po of Drift, KY


Named to the Dean’s List for achieving a grade point average of 3.25-3.74 were:

Chloe Alice Lemaster of Fort Gay, WV

Jasmine Kori Bickford of Rockhouse, KY

Kayla Elaine Collins of London, KY

Nicholas Irvin Lawson of Bonnyman, KY

Cara Lee Mullins of Salyersville, KY

Samuel Caine Sparkman of Pippa Passes, KY

Samantha Nicole Stiltner of Rowe, VA

Jerkia Leann Vandyke of Oakwood, VA

Nicole Beth Durman of Lexington, KY

Zachary Tyler McGeorge of Manchester, KY

Alexander Christophe Free of Hulan, KY

Lauren Elaine Wolfe of Ceredo, WV

Whitley Taylor Albury of West Liberty, KY

Courtney Paige Patrick of Leburn, KY

Allison Hope Ball of Midkiff, WV

Cheryl Ashleigh Bolduc of Clay City, KY

Olivia Jade Collins of Norton, VA

Courtney Ann Craft of Millstone, KY

Craig Alan Faulkner of Sandy Hook, KY

Olivia Hubbard of Manchester, KY

Mickeah Desirae Johnson of Bevinsville, KY

Blake Allen Mason of Millstone, KY

Caitlin DeLaney Pritchard of Mt. Sterling, KY

Russell Adam Sweeney of Pippa Passes, KY

Chelsea Jordan Mech of Bristol, TN

Jeremy Brent Ousley of Prestonsburg, KY

Courtney Paige Puckett of Oakwood, VA

Emily Paige Coyle of Jackson, KY

Mack Douglas Asher of Oneida, KY

Kristyn Danielle Densmore of Jeffersonville, KY

William Conrad Douglas of Ironton, OH

Richard Alex Kennedy of Jewell Ridge, VA

Brittany McClanahan of Vansant, VA

Thomas Brent Mills of Girdler, KY

Terrell Joseph Muse of Somerset, KY

Hayley Michelle Smith of Gray, KY

Michaela Rae Woodall of London, KY

Eric Steven Caudill of Hazard, KY

Ryan Scott Spicer of Campton, KY

Tessa Lynn Amburgey of Pinetop, KY

Aaron Thomas McInturff of Lena, IL

Hailey Shantelle Kuracka of Whitesburg, KY

Meagan Carlile Arrowood of Neon, KY

Shannon Brooke Bays of Eolia, KY

David Seth Adams of Redfox, KY

Zachary Dean Estep of Redfox, KY

Evan Shane Hayes of Prestonsburg, KY

Candace Brooke Hoskins of Hyden, KY

Joshua Stephen Mills of Louisa, KY

Gary Logan Nickles of Bristol, VA

Steven Dwayne Patrick of Auxier, KY

Hannah Marie Radosevic of Blackey, KY

Kandi Rose Slone of Mallie, KY

Stuart David Stamper of Hindman, KY

Samantha Paige Williams of Ivel, KY

Emily Gail Amon Wilson of Hindman, KY

Katherine Anne Smith of Hazard, KY

Treven John Lauzie Back of Jackson, KY

Brandon Nicholas Chaney of Irvine, KY

Jasmine Darrellyn Glispie of Thorton, KY

Chasity Rae Hunter of Wayland, KY

Dana Lance Carl Coots of Wooton, KY

Whitley Doughman of Hazard, KY

Jordan Orgus Seals of Tallahassee, FL

Christina Nicole Jones of Hazard, KY

Victoria Nicole Amburgey of Pinetop, KY

Rachel Leigh Bentley of Pound, VA

Brittany Danielle Brock of Warbranch, KY

Jennifer Renee Lewis of Viper, KY

Micah Leanne Music of West Van Lear, KY

Zachary Emmanuel Crawford of Church Hill, TN

Ashley Ellen Dixon of Hallie, KY

Justin Gregory Smith of Manchester, KY

Jessi Nicole Hayes of Eastern, KY

Samantha Moria Lucas of Hindman, KY

Joshua Brock Arnold of Blountville, TN

Morgan Lashea Asher of Oneida, KY

Rebecca Elizabeth Ball of Elkfork, KY

Brandi N. Frasure of Melvin, KY

William Matthew King of Bluefield, VA

Melinda Kay Back of Cornettsville, KY

Brittney Dawn Briggs of Neon, KY

Wayne Scott Sparks of Coal Grove, OH

Tanner Harrison Hayes of Rural Retreat, VA

Tyler Reed Hooker of Lawrenceville, IL

Tianna Diane Patton of Drift, KY

Carley Saige Bryant of Flatwoods, KY

David Wayne Walker of Big Laurel, KY

Jeremy Wynn Baker of Pikeville, KY

Jonathan Tyler Adams of Isom, KY

Sophia Renee Shearer of Richmond, KY

Congratulations to all of these students for their outstanding efforts this semester!