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The Lions Club will be on campus Thursday, November 8th, at 1 PM to conduct an informational meeting. This meeting is open to everyone — students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

The Lions Club is the world’s largest service club, which makes their pursuits and interests particularly important to Alice Lloyd College. ALC’s students are encouraged to serve their communities, so The Lions Club can provide an outlet for those who wish to participate in various community projects.

Those interested should attend Thursday’s meeting, which will be in the Conference Room of the Davis Student Center.

For more information about The Lions Club, please visit their website

Also, click here to download a PDF document that details how The Lions Club seeks to activate college campuses.  

You can also watch this video, which features Lions Club members coming together in a humorous Hip hop commercial. The lyrics focus on what wearing the Lions Club vest means to the community. Whenever a Lions Club comes together, problems get smaller. And, communities get better.