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L-R: Kayla Stambaugh, Ariel Nickell, and Carla Booth

The Alice Lloyd College Women’s Basketball team recently participated in the National Anti-Bullying Awareness Day. The purpose of the day was to educate students on what bullying truly is and the effects it can have on those who are bullied. The women’s team pinned purple ribbons on their shirts and handed out ribbons to fellow students, along with information about the causes and effects of bullying. 

When asked about the day, Coach John Mills said, “We just wanted to let people know what bullying is, because often people don’t even realize they’re doing it. We want to stop it before it escalates and turns into violence.” 

The day also had a profound impact on junior Ariel Nickell. When asked how she felt about the event, she responded, “My experience with Anti-Bullying Day was very rewarding. It was a great feeling, knowing that by handing out a simple ribbon and discussing bullying with someone, I may have helped to educate an individual, helped a victim of bullying, or even saved a life.”