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On Saturday October 13th, four members of the Alice Lloyd College Cross Country team participated in the 2012 Knott County “Run for Change” 5K race, which took place in Hindman. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness of the drug epidemic that plagues our region.  All money raised was donated to the Knott County Drug Awareness Council.

In the actual challenge itself, over 60 runners signed up to participate. The Eagles made an excellent showing, as freshman Greg Randolph overcame all challengers to finish first overall with a solid time of 16:55. His buddies, sophomore Jimmy Noble and freshman Blain Grubbs, came in second and fourth, respectively. Their times were 18:54 and 20:22. 

On the ladies side, freshman Allison Holbrook defeated the field to win in a time of 23:00.  When asked how she felt to participate in such a worthwhile event, Holbrook responded, “It felt great to know that I was running for something bigger than myself and to know that the money we raised could potentially benefit an entire community.”

The impact of the event definitely made an impression on the men as well. “It meant a lot going out there and giving it my all for those who fight a battle I couldn’t imagine.  I am honored to win for them,” Randolph said.

“I have had family members affected by drugs,” stated Noble. “Running for my family was my biggest motivation and encouragement.”

Summing up the day, Blain Grubbs said, “I enjoyed running in a race that actually meant something and served a purpose when so many people have to fight this addiction.  I felt as if my run could truly make a change.”