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A recent Yahoo! Finance report prominently featured Alice Lloyd College in a fantastic study that highlighted ways in which students could obtain a more affordable education. The findings presented stated: “On the country’s shortlist of colleges and universities offering free tuition, there’s Alice Lloyd College in Kentucky, Curtis Institute of Music in Pennsylvania, Deep Springs College in California and St. Louis Christian College in Missouri.” This news item has generated even more interest in the College; in fact, visits to our website on the day of the story’s release increased by nearly 1,000 hits.


The idea of the College having “free tuition” arises from the fact that we offer a tuition guarantee to students from our 108-county service area. As one of the nation’s 7 work colleges, ALC requires all of its students to work on campus, which directly aids the students in paying off some of the financial costs. The tuition guarantee (also called the ALC Scholarship), which is only available to students living within our 108-county service area, covers 100 percent of a student’s undergraduate tuition fees. Students must pay for room and board (if the student lives on campus) and for all necessary textbooks, which might require some financial aid; however, the overall amount owed will be far less than what most undergraduate students face elsewhere. 

You can find the original Yahoo! report here.