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The June Buchanan School had the opportunity to have as a guest Mr. Brady Slone, a Vietnam veteran, who spoke to instructor Larry Hayes’s history class this past week. Brady Slone was a former principal and art instructor in Knott County. Students in grades 8-12 had the privilege of hearing Slone recount his experiences as a medic during the 1968 Tet Offensive in which he served three months. A head wound ended Slone’s tour of duty.

Students listened intently to his story. While talking with the class, Slone said, “The average age of a Vietnam soldier was just under nineteen years old. Instead of worrying about whom to ask to the prom, we had to worry about surviving until we could return to ‘the world.’” Afterwards, Larry Hayes said, “The turbulent period of the sixties and seventies must be studied and understood so we can appreciate how our nation achieved the constitutional rights we enjoy today. The students at JBS and I want to thank Mr. Slone for sharing his information with us and for the service he performed for our country.”