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Ian Tyler Hall, a sophomore at The June Buchanan School, took on the challenge this semester of registering for English 415, having completed only English 101. English 415 is a senior level English course at Alice Lloyd College. Ian enjoys literature and writing, so he wanted to further his studies in those areas by taking part in an advanced class. After speaking with Dean Clark and an ALC English professor, Ian convinced them that he was “well able” to take on the demands and responsibilities that awaited him. 

Near the end of the academic semester, Alice Lloyd College hosted the Honors Day Academic Awards ceremony, which is held annually in the College’s Estelle Campbell Center for the Arts. Ian was invited to this special convocation where he won the prestigious Billie and Curtis Owens Writing Award for Poetry. He was honored to have been the first high school student to have received a collegiate award at this event. Afterwards, Ian said, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to have taken an English course at Alice Lloyd College.” He plans to continue taking as many courses as he can in the future!