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JBS sophomore Channing Everidge has been selected as a 2012 Rogers Scholar! The Rogers Scholars Program is sponsored by The Center for Rural Development in Somerset. The program is designed to help the Center move toward its vision: “No young person should have to leave their home region to find their future – they can find it right here in Southern and Eastern Kentucky!”

Channing applied during her sophomore year in high school. After being selected through a competitive process, she will be attending the program this summer just prior to the start of her junior year. Channing will be traveling to Somerset and the surrounding area where she will attend events at The Center for Rural Development. She will be staying at a local hotel, and all lodging, meals, and program expenses will be free to her as a selected student.

Channing will be involved in an extensive, weeklong program concentrating on establishing skills in leadership, technology, entrepreneurship, and community service as a future leader in the region. She will interact in fun, educational activities during a week that will be filled with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. About her achievement, Channing said, “I consider it a great honor to have been selected for the Rogers Scholar Program. I look forward to participating in the group activities and learning new and useful skills.”