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On Friday, April 27th, The June Buchanan School’s 8th grade class visited the State Capitol. On the trip students toured the Capitol, viewing not only the intricate architecture of the facilities but learning more about how our state government works. Students were able to visit the Supreme Court, The House of Representatives, the Senate, the Rotunda (where Abraham Lincoln’s Statue stands), and the State Reception Room.

Representative John Short, representing Knott, Letcher, and Magoffin counties, accompanied the students on the tour, and a State Capitol tour guide imparted information to them regarding the details about day-to-day operations occurring within the Capitol. Remarking on the day’s activities, JBS instructor Karen Bailey said, “It’s important for students to see how their votes, their needs, and rights are voiced through the Senate and House. I think this is an important trip for every student in grade school, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to have taken our students.”

*In the lead photo, students are pictured with Representative John Short.