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The Alice Lloyd College Eagles Baseball team is proud to welcome Patrick Barnett, a catcher and outfielder from South Warren High School in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  

Speaking to The Bowling Green Daily News, Barnett said that Alice Lloyd College was the only college he considered attending. He knew that ALC was right for him, citing the fact that the College’s remote location lends itself to concentrating more on the academic side of things. Barnett also enjoys hunting and fishing, so the scenic hills and valleys surrounding ALC’s campus in Pippa Passes, Kentucky seemed a perfect fit for him.

Barnett was also pleased to be fulfilling a family dream. He told the Daily News, “It’s been one of my goals ever since I was a little boy. That’s been my dad’s goal since he was a little kid, to have a son that played college baseball. I’m glad I could make my dad proud by doing that. It also makes me proud and my family proud. I’m glad I can achieve that.”

The Eagles are excited to be adding this young man to next year’s squad. Barnett will most likely play in right or left field and will bring a lot of power hitting at bat.

“When I get to Alice Lloyd, it is all business,” he said.

Welcome to ALC, Patrick!

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