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On February 25, members of the June Buchanan Elementary Academic Team competed in their first-ever competition. While all of them were very nervous and excited, their hard work this year really paid off! When the awards were announced, every single JBS student who competed placed in his or her individual event, and the team overall did an outstanding job representing our school.

Individual results from the competition were as follows:

Samantha Bryant (5th grade)—2nd in English Composition

Nik Cornett (5th grade)—3rd in English Composition

Kyle Hofsess (3rd grade)—4th in Arts & Humanities

Riele Holbrook (4th grade)—2nd in Language Arts

Madison Huff (5th grade)—4th in English Composition

Jon Kunkel (3rd grade)—5th in Language Arts; 5th in Social Studies (tie)

Morgan Kunkel (3rd grade)—4th in Language Arts; 5th in Social Studies (tie)

Dylan Moore (2nd grade)—5th in Science (tie)

Elisabeth Stepp (3rd grade)—1st in Arts & Humanities; 4th in Social Studies

Grant Stivers (4th grade)—5th in Science (tie)

Gavin Thompson (3rd grade)—3rd in Arts & Humanities

Our Quick Recall Team (consisting of 2nd through 4th graders) also did very well and earned 2nd place during the competition! All of these outstanding achievements added up to the JBS Elementary Academic Team claiming 2nd place overall! The entire team will be advancing to Regional competition to be held at Prestonsburg Elementary on March 17th.

Head Coach Cindy Hall stated, “We are so thrilled about the outcome of the competition! We achieved more than we had hoped for, and I look forward to Regionals!” Co-Coach Natalie Gibson also commented on the team’s success, saying, “Our students were so thrilled with their awards. You could really tell they enjoyed the competition, and I was so proud to see them do so well, especially against older students. It’s great to see their hard work pay off, and I’m sure this is just the beginning!”