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The June Buchanan School’s High School Academic Team competed in their District Tournament at Letcher County Central on Saturday, January 28, and won several notable awards. The academic team will be competing in the regional tournament at Powell County High School on Saturday, February 18th.

Comprising the High School Academic Team are JBS students Asma Akther, Channing Everidge, Ian M. Hall, Ian T. Hall, Jackie Henderson, Jenna Hall, Brandon Melton, and Jacob Sandlin. Students placed in Social Studies, Arts and Humanities, math, science, and English Composition. Of the six students who participated in the District competition, sophomore Channing Everidge (pictured at left) placed 1st in Arts and Humanities, 4th in English Composition, and 5th in science. Sophomore Jackie Henderson placed 4th in mathematics.Freshman Asma Akther (not pictured) placed 5th in Arts and Humanities. Sophomore Brandon Melton placed 5th in Social Studies.

Every student that placed at the District tournament will be advancing to regionals. Coach Cindy Hall stated, “I am so proud of this young team! They have worked hard to grow as individual competitors and as a team. We are hoping to do well at the Regional Competition. We’re also looking forward to next year. This team has the potential for even more success.”

Brandon and Jackie

Co-coach Natalie Gibson stated, “Our hopes are to compete in Quick Recall this upcoming year. I’ve seen a lot of good things from this team so far, and I believe our future will be bright!”