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U.S. News and World Report has released its Short List for schools that report the least amount of debt for their 2010 graduates.  This list is separate from the overall rankings (ALC claimed the top spot) and is meant to aid parents and students in their search for a college or university.  Not surprisingly, ALC achieved the #1 ranking. U.S. News reports that “the average amount of debt for a class of 2010 graduate who borrowed funds was about $25,000.”  Compare that monstrous figure to ALC’s 2010 average total indebtedness per student: $3,108.  In fact, that amount bests the second ranking school’s (Princeton University) average by more than $1,200.

Part of Alice Lloyd College’s mission has always been to make an ALC education available to all students regardless of their financial situation.  It is clear that the College is making good on that self-imposed aspiration.

In today’s current economic downturn, students have to borrow more money and will most likely end up owing far more than they were given.  That’s why Alice Lloyd College is such a special and unique institution – we offer a quality education in which the vast majority of our students have an opportunity to graduate debt-free.  Moreover, sixty-eight percent of Alice Lloyd’s graduates leave school with no debt.  The need for ALC has never been greater than it is right now.

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