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Alice Lloyd College is pleased to offer its students internship opportunities via the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU). The AIKCU provides a chance for interested students to spend a spring semester in Frankfort, Kentucky where they will develop and improve their academic, civic, and professional skills. The College encourages its students to apply for these unique positions, which are quite competitive and beneficial to one’s educational experience.  

Last spring, ALC’s Justin Maynard accepted an internship with the Kentucky Historical Society. Now, in spring 2012, ALC has two students in Frankfort: China Riddle, a junior majoring in English who is working for Senator Ray Jones, and Jamie Holt, a senior history major who’s spending his semester doing various projects in the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History.

To read more about the internship program and to find out just what our students are up to in Frankfort, go here.

Jamie Holt and Mike Mullins

Also, recently, Heather Fox, a project archivist for Pass The Word: The Guide to Oral History in Kentucky, met ALC’s Jamie Holt at the Kentucky Historical Society’s January board meeting lunch. After engaging in an interesting conversation with Holt and the Hindman Settlement School’s Mike Mullins, Fox blogged about the efforts of Mullins, Holt, and Justin Maynard to “digitize the nearly three thousand oral histories collected during the Appalachian Oral History Project (AOHP).” This digitization process is being conducted at ALC’s McGaw Library.

Alice Lloyd College is proud of the leadership qualities exhibited by these fine young people and hopes to send more of its students to Frankfort during these education-packed spring semesters.

Photos courtesy of Heather Fox’s blog History Burgoo and the AIKCU.