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On November 7th, students at The June Buchanan School took a moment to honor all of the men and women who have served our country. The senior class organized a program in their history and Computer Applications courses to remember our fallen heroes. JBS instructor Willie Anderson stated, “I think that it’s great that our students can use technology and lead our school in an assembly as they did this morning.”

The program began with the presentation of the flag by the Knott County D.A.V. Then, the Kindergarten and first grade classes led the school in the Pledge of Allegiance, both in word and in sign language. Sophomore Elizabeth Bentley sang the National Anthem as students from grades K-12 stood at attention to the flag.

The senior class developed a PowerPoint video and program honoring our veterans titled “Remembering the Fallen.” The presentation paid tribute to veterans from nearly every war fought by the United States. After the presentation, freshman Charity Cook sang “Just a Dream.” Then, Christopher Meeks delivered a speech in which the statistics of past wars were discussed, including the casualties and the number of servicemen and women who fought in those battles. Students in K-12 were asked to bring in pictures of their loved ones who had been in war, and utilizing those photos, senior Bridgett Howard introduced a PowerPoint presentation that displayed all of the JBS family pictures featuring veterans.

The assembly concluded with seniors Kolby Slone, Joshua Slagell, Ashli Sexton, and Sadie Haigler singing “God Bless America.”  After the veterans in the audience were recognized, JBS students, teachers, and their families bowed their heads for prayer. To end the day’s activities, the Knott County D.A.V. led our students to the meadow where they hosted a 21–gun salute.  Dean Amanda Clark said, “I thank all the veterans who came out today to take part in our program. The Class of 2012 did a remarkable job with the PowerPoint presentations, the program, and the speeches.”