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Every third week in October, colleges and universities across the country promote National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW). Alice Lloyd College, as it does each year, will be addressing the ravages of alcohol abuse from October 16th through October 22nd with a variety of awareness and educational events. The College’s Resident Advisor Committee, under the guidance of Ms. Christine Stumbo, was tasked with organizing the week’s special events. The events are designed to educate students about the dangers of drinking and driving, excessive drinking, and the countless examples of poor choices contributed to the drinking of alcohol. The chief message of Alcohol Awareness Week is to practice safe and healthy decision-making, especially in social situations where alcohol is present.

The RA Committee kicked off the week by distributing pledge cards and pamphlets highlighting the dangers of using alcohol. On Tuesday, October 18th, Brad Spelbring, a special guest in the Caney Convocation Series, spoke to students about the significance of the choices a person makes in one’s life. As part of this convocation, a student dressed as The Grim Reaper pulled seven students out of class and hid them away until just prior to the start of Spelbring’s presentation. The seven students, representing those killed by drunk drivers and people guilty of drunk driving, were lying on the stage of the CAC auditorium, covered in sheets. Afterwards, each student spoke to the assembly about the circumstances of their fictional deaths. Normally, students are required to dress in professional attire when attending convo, but for this event, students were allowed to wear casual clothing so long as they donated one dollar to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. ALC was able to collect nearly $200 for the MADD organization.

The theme of NCAAW’s 2011 Campaign is “Raise Your Voice! You Can Save A Life!” Part of this year’s important message, which is being emphasized this week, is that “campuses need to educate students about excessive drinking and consequences that can occur on personal, academic and campus community levels. All college and university offices need to empower students to take responsibility for their own decisions and the campus environment when it comes to alcohol. Participation in NCAAW helps students and a variety of college administrators work together to increase awareness and strengthen year-round prevention efforts. We have to engage and empower students to take care of themselves and each other.”

ALC will be continuing its efforts in the battle against alcohol abuse by passing out wristbands in the Davis Student Center on Wednesday, October 19th, and on Thursday, October 20th at 2 PM, students can participate in a Drunk Driving Simulation, which will be held in The Meadow. The week’s events will culminate with a special presentation of the Blue/White Game on Thursday evening at 6:30 PM in the Grady Nutt Athletic Center and a drawing for a free hoodie Friday morning at 11:30 AM.