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Academics are at an all-time high at The June Buchanan School!  With the relationship between Alice Lloyd College and The June Buchanan School, students from JBS receive the benefits of a college-prep education, with full engagement in college courses at ALC!  Fifteen students at The June Buchanan School are enrolled in college courses at ALC this year, allowing students to take a combined total of 83 hours of college credit in courses such as Freshmen English Composition, Music Appreciation, Sociology, Psychology, Health, History, Geology, and Physical Education.  The students enrolled in the Caney Honors and Achievement Program (CHAP) are getting a great head start on their futures!

JBS Senior, Tessa Amburgey, is taking nine hours of college credit this semester, with an opportunity to take additional classes next semester.  Tessa says, “I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to complete 9 hours of college credit for free–all because I am a JBS student.  I couldn’t ask for anything better!”  JBS and ALC Instructor, Karen Bailey, states, “With the expense of tuition, matriculation, and housing fees in the current economy, this is such an awesome perk for students at JBS.  I encourage students to take courses whenever they have an opportunity in their schedules.”


JBS students are given the opportunity to interact with their college professors in a small setting, while gaining the skills and courses required complete their desired college degree at a later time.  Upon graduation, students may choose to attend Alice Lloyd College or may transfer their credits to the college of their choice.  JBS Alum, Nate Hovee, (now a senior at Western Kentucky University) graduated with 29 college credit hours–just one credit short of being a sophomore at WKU in the fall of 2008!  Nate stated, “I was very fortunate to have a head start in getting the university’s extensive general education requirements out of the way.  This allowed me to focus on specific course requirements within my two majors earlier than most freshmen at WKU.”  Nate was able to receive college credit for a number of general electives including Chemistry 115 and 116, Introduction to Theatre, Geography and Human Organization, English 102, Spanish 102, and College Algebra.  After he graduated from JBS in May 2008, he was able to transfer all of his CHAP credits from Alice Lloyd College to Western Kentucky University, where he is double-majoring in Broadcasting (with a concentration in television and film production) and Theatre (with a concentration in acting), all while maintaining his membership at the WKU Honor’s College.

Nate recently returned from Wellington, New Zealand, where he studied Film and Theatre at Victoria University of Wellington for one semester.  The previous year, Nate was able to study abroad at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England.  He hopes to pursue television and film production work overseas following graduation from WKU.  Nate states, “The CHAP Program offered at the June Buchanan School provided an excellent opportunity for me to prepare myself for college classes while I was still in high school.  I learned about academic expectations, responsibilities, and basic course structures within a college environment.  Professors were extremely supportive and helpful when it came to assignments, labs, presentations, and class projects.  I honestly could not have asked for a better jump-start to my college experience at Western Kentucky University.  By the time I arrived on the college campus in Bowling Green, I felt well prepared and motivated to carry on the next chapter to my academic endeavors.”