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Over a year ago, volunteer field representative, Earl Caudill, had the idea for the College to reconnect with Miss June’s and Mrs. Lloyd’s educational institutions: Syracuse University, Wellesley College, Chauncy Hall and Radcliff College.  Mr. Caudill started his mission by initiating conversations with ALC donor, Doris Cornell, who agreed to write the accounts of Miss June’s and Mrs. Lloyd’s educational background (geared to highlight their time at each of the aforementioned schools). The first piece Ms. Cornell wrote pertained to Chauncy Hall (now Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall—CH-CH). Under Mr. Caudill’s direction and after validating the account to be accurate, Alice Lloyd’s story was sent to Chauncy Hall. After many months of preparation, Mr. Caudill scheduled a visit with Chauncy Hall President, Siri Akal Khalsa, and Headmaster, Lance Conrad, as well as Development Officer, Ben Rogers. Kayla Jones, Director of Donor Relations at ALC, accompanied Mr. Caudill to the April 1, 2011, luncheon meeting. After the meeting, the CH-CH administration was very intrigued by both ALC and JBS. Before reading Ms. Cornell’s account, they had never heard of the accomplishments of their alumna, Alice Lloyd. CH-CH extended an invitation to collaborate in some manner in the future. Discussions for opportunities to work together include: An exchange program between JBS and CH-CH; Creating the title of sister schools between JBS and CH-CH; Establishing speaking opportunities for ALC staff/alumni to speak at CH-CH and CH-CH staff to speak at ALC/JBS. A similar project at Wellesley College is being devised. The timeline for reaching the rest of the schools mentioned above is December 2011.