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The six grade class at The June Buchanan School has been learning about the rock cycle and the classification of sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks through a series of lab activities. Such activities have included students working cooperatively to identify samples by examining rock crystals with hand lenses to make detailed observations. In addition, students have worked cooperatively to assembly a huge rock cycle in a lesson called “The Rock Cycle Picnic” to demonstrate understanding of processes, sediments, rock types, and the classification of the three main types of rocks.

As a culminating activity, Jeffrey Jacobs, a retired geologist visited the class to review the rock cycle with students, show his own personal collection of rocks, and answer some real life questions about certain types of rocks and where they are found. Middle School Science Instructor Karen Bailey states, “The students really enjoyed this unit! It’s exciting to see the kids really connect, and express interest in rocks and how they they’re formed. Without asking, I had three students who brought in their own personal rock collections to share with the class, and took some of rocks home to learn more about them. Truly, they gave themselves homework, and had a blast while doing it!”