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   On October 3, 2010, the Junior and Senior classes of The June Buchanan School had the opportunity to attend the reenactment of the Civil War battle of Perryville. The Perryville battle was the only major battle of the Civil War in Kentucky. Kentucky was a neutral state in the war and the Confederates hoped that a major victory would sway Kentucky to join the Confederacy.  Re-enactors come from many different states to portray the role of an individual who took part in the battle such as cavalry, infantry or artillery soldiers.The Juniors and Seniors toured through the Union and Confederate camps and the re-enactors answered questions about their roles at the battle. Students were especially interested in the doctor who told about amputations and battle field surgery. The re-enactors wore cotton and wool clothing and discussed rifles, cannons, and bayonet fighting with the students.  Perryville also has a museum and a mass grave on the battle field.The highlight of the day is the actual battle re-enactment. The battle began with the roar of cannons firing, followed by cavalry charges. When the Confederate infantry began their march toward the Union lines, the battlefield was filled with gun smoke, cannon fire, rifle shots, and Rebel yells.  Even though the Confederates won the battle, they were forced to vacate Kentucky because of the arrival of the Union soldiers. Kentucky would not join the Confederacy. The students enjoyed the trip to Perryville immensely.  The opportunity to learn about the Civil War first-hand was truly unique.  This field trip really brought history to life!