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Back (L-R):  Greg Champion, Megan Griffie, Rachael White, McKenzie Roark, Kelli Pratt, Chance Cornett, Ian HallFront (L-R):  Dalton Hylton, Erric Sexton, Kolton Hofsess, Zach Fleming, Austyn TurnerGolf has steadily been making a comeback at JBS.  This year, the team was open to students in grades 5 through 12.  Practices for the team were held at both the Jenny Wiley golf course and the Allen golf course.  Students had an amazing time learning more about the game and bonding with each other.  Even though students did not compete this year, the practice time put in will make enhance their playing ability in the future.  Special thanks to Coach Doug Clark for all the time he put into helping the team, as well as Mr. Simeon Brace, who volunteered to assist with the fledgling team as well.(L to R):  Megan Griffie, Rachael White, McKenzie Roark, Kelli Pratt{nl}{nl}