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{nl}       The June Buchanan School Kindergarten students got a big surprise when Ronnie Slone came to visit.  Ronnie is a fire fighter with the Pippa Passes Volunteer Fire Department and brought the fire engine for the students to explore.  Students got to inspect the fire hose, look at the outfits that fire fighters wear when on duty, and see how a generator helps produce energy when the power is out.  The students had a lot of questions, and Ronnie answered each of them.  Students even got to hear the siren on the fire truck! This special event was planned by Kindergarten student Bo Hall.  Each week, the JBS Kindergarten class has a Student of the Week who plans various activities for his or her classmates.  As Student of the Week, Bo wanted everyone to see what a real fire fighter does and planned this special visit.  Many thanks to Ronnie Slone and the Pippa Passes Volunteer Fire Department for making this day so memorable!