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{nl}         Middle School Science Class                     High School Science ClassStudents at The June Buchanan School are having an eventful year, and the science department has done a wonderful job engaging these young minds.  The Middle School science instructor, Ms. Karen Bailey, has prepared a challenging semester for her science students.  The Middle School science classes, along with the Freshman science class, will be doing the following projects along with the weekly labs in each science class:  Owl Pellet Dissection, Leaf Collection, Project NEED Energy Workshop, Scientists Trading Cards & Research Project, Electromagnetic Wave Presentations, Newton Invention, Heredity and Traits Project, Conserving Thermal Energy Designs, and Mealworm Project.  Ms. Bailey is also teaching an Invention class this year, and they will be working with hands-on projects such as puff mobiles, parachutes, and mechanical grabber designs, as well as building their own inventions! Mr. Simeon Brace, the new High School science instructor, has also planned an eventful year for his students.  The High School science department will have weekly labs in addition to projects such as creating a leaf collection, monitoring stream activity, creating a bug collection, dissecting fetal pigs and frogs, and the ever popular Mole Day, where the Chemistry class celebrates Avogadro’s number. Both the Middle School and High School science departments participate in the annual science fair.  Ms. Bailey and Mr. Brace are both excited about the potential for this year, and look forward to seeing the unique experiments their students will create.