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{nl}Girdell Slone Watts, of Pippa Passes, KY and Dr. Lowell D. Martin, of Martin, KY, were honored as the 2010 Alice Lloyd College Alumna and Alumnus of the Year at a banquet on Friday, September 17th, on the campus of Alice Lloyd College. The two were recognized for their outstanding service and dedication to Alice Lloyd College and the community. Girdell Slone Watts and her husband, Chester, reside in Pippa Passes, Kentucky.  Girdell graduated from Knott County High School in 1951 and earned an Associate degree from Caney Junior College in 1953.  She later attended Morehead State University, earning a Standard Elementary Certificate in 1967, a Masters and Rank I Endorsement for Supervisor of Instruction (K-12) in 1978, and a Rank I Endorsement for School Superintendent in 1986. During more than thirty-seven years as an educator, Girdell taught in the classroom, served as an administrative supervisor, and was a grant writer.  One of her innovative grants, titled “Saturday Safari,” brought more than $200,000 to Knott County schools.  Girdell assisted KET in developing a drop-out prevention video for use in schools statewide and introduced the DARE and Project Read programs to Knott County, as well.  After retiring in 1993, she continued to serve as a grant writing consultant and conducted staff development programs for Knott, Perry, and Letcher County Schools. A strong advocate for education, Girdell continues her involvement through membership with the Knott County Retired Teachers Association, Kentucky Education Association, and the National Education Association.  She is a former member of the ALC Teacher Education Committee, Knott County Literacy Council, Knott County Library Board, Kentucky Association of School Administrators, and various other professional organizations. Girdell is grateful for the opportunities which Alice Lloyd College provided her and her family.  She shares that ALC has always been a beacon of education for them, and without it, a college education would not have been possible.  Girdell is one of the College’s most faithful alumni and is always available when asked to serve ALC in any capacity. Girdell has two children: Gary Dan Watts and Debra Watts Hall, both ALC graduates.  She is always pleased to spend time with them and their families.  She also enjoys traveling, fishing, reading, writing, and her continued involvement in the family business