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{nl}On August 20, 2010, The June Buchanan School took their 9th Annual Trip to the Kentucky State Fair.  Students in grades 6-12, along with 10 teachers, took part in numerous activities throughout the day and experienced many of the things that make Kentucky great!{nl}Dean Amanda Clark stated that this trip is one of her favorites because it is extremely interactive.  Dean Clark commented that, “It is important to allow our students an opportunity to learn about the amazing heritage we have here in Kentucky.  Students gain a better understanding of what makes us unique.  Instead of teaching about Kentucky in the classroom all day, this trip allows us to travel through the state and then participate in the various activities our Commonwealth has to offer.”{nl}Students viewed exhibits on Kentucky fish and wildlife, heath in Kentucky, and farm life.  The Discovery Farm allowed students to learn about animal agriculture, as well as “meet and greet” cattle, goats, sheep, llamas, poultry, and more.  Students also enjoyed participating in the Air National Guard mission, which allowed them to face different challenges, including treating a wounded patient and repairing a jet engine.{nl}JBS students also had the opportunity to view the display of winning artwork by their fellow students, Channing Everidge and Elizabeth Bentley.  Before leaving the Fair, JBS student and faculty stopped by the Knott County booth for pictures.  A great time was had by all who attended!