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On April 23rd, Alice Lloyd College held its nineteenth annual Service Awards Banquet in the Dining Hall of the Jerry C. Davis Student Center. Twenty-three members of the faculty, staff, and trustees were honored with a certificate and a pin signifying the number of years of service each individual has given to the institution.  These tokens of appreciation were presented by Mr. Robert M. Duncan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Alice Lloyd College.{nl}Those honored were: {nl}5 Years:  Willie Anderson, Jr. of Topmost, Kentucky; Tamara Kunkel of Leburn, Kentucky; William J. Reik, Jr. of New York, New York; Tara Mullins Reynolds of Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Darlene Slone of Mallie, Kentucky; Natina C. Sparkman of Hindman, Kentucky; and Ben C. Turpin of Anaheim, California.{nl}10 Years:  Earl Caudill of Brewster, Massachusetts; Carol Edman of Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Jon Brandon Gayheart of Hindman, Kentucky; Billy E. Haigler of Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Stanley R. Huff of Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Les Rzepecki of Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Candace Slone of Mallie, Kentucky; and Paul E. Yeary of Pippa Passes, Kentucky.{nl}        Carol Edman                  Les Rzepecki                     Paul Yeary15 Years:  Robin Cook of Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Lenore M. Pollard of Hindman, Kentucky; and Burl W. Spurlock of Prestonsburg, Kentucky.{nl}            Lenore Pollard20 years:  Alan Scott Cornett of Pippa Passes, Kentucky; Gerald Walford of Pippa Passes, Kentucky; and Larry Watts of Pippa Passes, Kentucky.{nl}            Scott Cornett25 Years:  James O. Stepp of Pippa Passes, Kentucky{nl}               Jim Stepp35 Years:  Beatrice Hall of Raven, Kentucky{nl}               Beatrice Hall{nl}Due to a number of conflicting events, not everyone listed above was able to attend the Service Awards Banquet.  However, those who were able to attend are pictured above.  We truly appreciate each person’s dedication to helping Alice Lloyd College continue its mission of educating the next generation of leaders for Appalachia!