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Alice Lloyd took to the road for seven games played at three separate sites. Injuries have hit the Lady Eagles hard, and this was a contributing factor as they came up short in each matchup.{nl}APRIL 15{nl}GAME 1{nl}Pikeville-13; ALC-0{nl}A seven run Pikeville second inning put the contest out of reach. Melissa May had two of ALC’s four hits.{nl}GAME 2{nl}Pikeville-11; ALC-0{nl}The hosts shut out the Lady Eagles for the second consecutive game. ALC was outhit 9-2.{nl}GAME 3{nl}Pikeville-11; ALC-3{nl}ALC scored first, but the host team steadily pulled away after that. For the visitors, Melissa May drove in 2 RBI’s while Elizabeth Taylor had two hits.{nl}APRIL 16{nl}GAME 1{nl}Bluefield-12; ALC-0{nl}The game was close until the fourth inning. Melissa May had the lone hit for ALC.{nl}GAME 2{nl}Bluefield-13; ALC-3{nl}ALC was outhit 13-7. Lady Eagle Kaitlin Chapman played well as she drove in two runs and went 2-3 from the plate.{nl}APRIL 20{nl}GAME 1{nl}Berea-13; ALC-1{nl}Nikki Durman had the lone hit for ALC who hurt their cause with 5 errors.{nl}GAME 2{nl}Berea-25; ALC-0{nl}Berea hammered out 22 hits including 3 homeruns, while ALC was unable to register any hits.