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The June Buchanan School students have displayed outstanding work in the sciences this year at both the middle and high school levels. Teachers have been using a variety of strategies and projects to boost student interest in the sciences, and students have used their creative and inquisitive minds in response. As such, academics are stronger than ever at JBS as students have displayed their outstanding projects in a variety of activities such as the school’s annual Science Fair, Earth & Space Wiki spaces, Project NEED, Rube Goldberg projects, and Leaf, Flower, and Insect Collections. High School Science Teacher, Mrs. Candace Slone, states, “Student’s are drawn to hands-on oriented learning. When students are engaged, students are learning!”  {nl}Middle School Instructor, Ms. Karen Bailey, stated that “Students began working on their projects in January to research a topic they were interested in. After conducting research and formulating their hypotheses, students designed a procedure and began collecting data. With the help of the Science and Education Departments at Alice Lloyd College, college students with science and education majors assisted us in judging and making this year’s science fair a success.”  Projects varied in category from physics, human body science, biology, to meteorology.  {nl}In the sixth grade class: 1st place went to Zach Fleming for his project, “The effect of yeast on fruit decomposition,” 2nd place went to Zach Clark for his project, “The effect of gender on short term memory,” 3rd place went to Hunter Hylton for his project, “The effect of light on mold growth.” {nl}In the 7th grade class: 1st place went to Asma Akther for her project on “The effect of neutralizers on deactivating spices,” 2nd place went to Chance Cornett of his project, “The effect of the power balance on strength, flexibility, and balance” 3rd place went to Taylor Thornsberry for his project, “The effect of burning substances on the ozone.”{nl}In the 8th grade class: 1st place went to Ian T. Hall for his project, “The effect of pH on aquatic plant appearance,” 2nd place went to Braxton Hayes for his project, “The effect of cooling conditions on crystal growth,” 3rd place went to Kirstin Handshoe for her project, “The effect of temperature on dissolved oxygen levels in ponds.” {nl}In the 9th grade class: 1st place went to Matt Collins for his project, “The effect of air samples on percentage of oxygen in samples,” 2nd place went to Cody Conley for his project, “The effect of coal mining on groundwater pollution,” 3rd place went to Jordan Sparkman for his project, “The effect of starting position on shooting accuracy.”{nl}In the 10th grade class: 1st place went to Joshua Slagell for his project, “The effect of arm length on pendulum swing.”  First place winners will be advancing to the Regional Science Fair that takes place on March 20th at the East Kentucky Science Fair.{nl}Mrs. Candace Slone states, “Making students think about the world around them is such a great thing. When you see the ‘light bulb’ turn on for students, it makes you realize why you became a teacher.” The students at JBS continue to study as the year end approaches, and are learning more about Earth, Life, and Physical sciences.