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The June Buchanan School recently hosted a visiting accreditation team from SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).  The committee consisted of four members who spent a total of three days on campus to assess the academic merits of The June Buchanan School.  Overall, the committee was impressed with the culture and climate of JBS, citing outstanding emphasis on academics and strong parental support as the top benefits derived from the JBS experience.{nl}Providing students with a strong academic background has always been the main goal of The June Buchanan School.  This commitment to excellence has led to outstanding standardized test scores over the past few years; in fact, last year’s average ACT score for the JBS senior class was 24.7 (compared to the state average of 19.4).  In addition to receiving a quality elementary and high school education at JBS, students can participate in the CHAP (Caney Honors and Achievement Program) during their junior and senior years.  CHAP allows students to take college courses at Alice Lloyd College free of charge; many JBS graduates have earned a full semester’s worth of college credits by the time they receive their high school diploma.  The visiting team from SACS found this program very impressive.{nl}Earning such high praise from the SACS committee took lots of hard work and dedication from all the faculty, staff, students and parents at The June Buchanan School.  Mrs. Sharon Gregory, SACS Liaison, worked tirelessly to ensure all documentation was correct prior to the committee’s visit.  Mrs. Gregory stated that “I have been very blessed to be a part of the accreditation process at The June Buchanan School.  It has been a learning experience for me, and I am excited about the future of our school.  The faculty, students, parents, and community members were awesome to work with.  Everyone stepped up and fully participated in this process to make it a success.  Dean Amanda Clark is doing a tremendous job of leading our school and challenging The June Buchanan School to be its best.  I thank God daily for placing my family and me at The June Buchanan School.  We are at home there with our JBS family.”{nl}Since the school was founded in 1984, it has maintained a 100% graduation rate, with 99% pursuing college degrees after graduation.  Numerous JBS students have participated in academic programs such as the Governor’s Scholars Program, the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference, and the Duke University Talent Search.{nl}For more information about the June Buchanan School, please call (606) 368-6108.