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Written by Kolby Slone & Tori Short{nl}The June Buchanan School has once again pulled together to prove that a small school can still make a difference. With the Haiti disasters still in toll, the school’s faculty, staff, and student body started raising money for the disaster.  “You have to think, these children have no color in their life right now. Everything is a shade of gray. The smallest thing will help. With that being said, buy neon colored band-aids, something bright. At least then you’ll know that you put some color into a child’s life when they needed it the most,” said Mrs. Amanda Clark, Dean of The June Buchanan School. An assembly was held to provide students with an overview of the week-long activities.  With only 117 students in our K-12 school, our goal was a maximum of only $150 dollars; however, Friday morning when the money was counted, we had well over $500.       When June Buchanan high school students Kolby Slone and Tori Short started the fundraising, they made it clear to fellow classmates that this was a serious cause that really meant a lot to them. “When you watch the news and see that the death count has risen by a couple thousand, what do you think? How do you feel? Put yourself in their shoes, and you will see exactly why this is so important to both of us. With that in mind, we started this project” said Kolby.  All students in the School were encouraged to participate, and a special day was set aside when all students could wear red to show support for the Haitian families.  A special assembly was held at the end of the week where students observed a moment of silence for the victims of this tragedy.{nl}The June Buchanan School strives to give back to our community. It is now, and always will be, one of the main things the School is known for. With the second semester now going strong, we hope to continue taking pride in helping those in need and showing everyone what we’re really made of. We sincerely wish the Haitians the best of luck, and will continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.{nl}