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{nl} {nl}Alice Lloyd College is pleased to announce that Richard Bowers has been named the new conductor of the College’s choir, The Voices of Appalachia.  Richard is a native of Knott Count and was previously a member of The Voices of Appalachia.  He received his music training from Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee and has extensive experience with music ensembles and choirs.  He has toured the continental U.S., Jamaica and, most recently, Moscow, Russia.  He has served as a Youth Minister and Music Minister at churches in Kentucky and Georgia, and he currently is a music educator with Rural Church Development Alliance, teaching Guitar and Music Theory.{nl} {nl}Richard’s wife, Beth Ann, will also be joining ALC as the new accompanist for The Voices of Appalachia.  Beth Ann previously served in this same capacity under the direction of former VOA conductor, Richard Kennedy.  She has a degree in Elementary Education with a certification in Gifted Education.  She minored in music with a voice proficiency.  Prior to taking this position, Beth Ann conducted or accompanied choirs at the Elementary and Secondary levels.  She also works with Rural Church Development Alliance, where she teaches Voice and Piano.{nl} {nl}Richard and Beth Ann have three daughters: Claire, Corrie and Rylie Grace.