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{nl}ALC Freshman Candace Hughes Poses with Mike’s Chair{nl}The Baptist Collegiate Ministries (formerly BSU) of Alice Lloyd College in conjunction with Hindman Student Ministries hosted the Altered Minds Tour on Thursday, November 5, 2009 in the Estelle Campbell Arts Center. The Altered Minds Tour featured several nationally recognized artists who took the stage and shared the message of Christ through music, testimony, and devotion. Nearly 500 people passed through the ticket gate to claim their seat for this years’ community event.  Among those in attendance were students, faculty, and staff from our campus community, local church youth groups, and several ALC Alumni. BCM and HSM both consider this event a huge success and look forward to the opportunity to host a similar community event in the Fall of 2010. For more information on BCM be sure to log on to{nl}                      {nl}           After Edmund                                                     Lecrae